Our Wines

The wine list is going to grow steadily. As vintages, quality and demand frequently change, we reserve the right to change contents and prices. A few wines may not always be available, because they hail directly from the cellars of the winegrowers. Hence, the wine menu is merely a reference.

The precept governing the choice of wines for Yi was very simple: nothing that we wouldn’t drink ourselves. In our cellars, famous grands crus lie side by side with excellent wines from vineyards that one only gets to hear of by travelling the local area.

Estates particularly dear to our hearts

The small champagne house of Billecart-Salmon for example was founded in a romantic manner in 1818 through the marriage of Nicolas Francois Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon. Still family-run, currently in the sixth generation, many starred chefs consider Billecart-Salmon to be one of the best producers. The champagne at Yi comes straight out of the family’s cellars, in different bottle sizes.

In 1948, the Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta produced wine in the Maremma for the first time. Solely for himself, his family and friends. It took 23 years until his son and his nephew Piero Antinori could persuade him to offer his wine for sale. Ever since, Sassicaia has been one of the best, most sought-after and (unfortunately) most expensive wines in the world. However, the family originally hails from Piedmont, where they have been growing some of the region’s best wines for centuries, wines that they only really sell locally. The Marchese Filiberto Incisa della Rocchetta is kind enough to send Yi a few crates every few months.

Julien Reversat from Montpellier spent a long time working for a French wine merchant in Shanghai. When homesickness lured him back home, he did not have enough money to have his beloved motorcycle shipped to France. Thus, he rode his bike all the way from Shanghai to Montpellier. Upon his arrival, he deplored the fact that in his native region, situated between Champagne and Languedoc, many small vineyards are heroically braving tough conditions in order to produce excellent wines – wines, alas, that few ever get to sample because the growers lack the funds, the skills or both required to promote their wines. Julien picked the best vineyards and founded inVINcible. In a manner of speaking, inVINcible is a wine commune that helps growers make their products unbeatable. Julien is so successful with this that inVINcible wines are now offered in starred restaurants like the Cantine de Faubourg. We are very happy to be able to offer wines from inVINcible.

Lisa Bunn from the wine region Nierstein in Rhine-Hesse is prettier, younger and better than many famous winemakers in that region and in the country as a whole. Her Rieslings are sensational. The (wine) press is abuzz with praise for the vintner and her wines. Moreover, she is very modest and an incredibly nice person. We are always happy when we need to top up our stocks of Lisa Bunn wines from Nierstein and insist upon personally collecting them from the estate.

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