Our kitchen team reflects the concept of our house, which is based on a harmonious coexistence of different culinary traditions and respects their independence. Chef Sven Messerschmidt has won his Michelin stars with contemporary, French-influenced high-end cuisine, but is very open-minded and curious about Asian influences. It is no different for Souschef Dennis Kasprzak, who has been with YI Fine Dining since the beginning and for a time held the position of Chef on an interim basis. Together they plan to carefully expand the role of the Chinese elements in the menus in the future. This project is particularly exciting because both are not keen on overloaded dishes with a potpourri of different flavours, but in case of doubt always prefer the simpler variant - which must shine with exquisite ingredients and a harmonious composition.

Their Chinese counterpart Chong Zhang ensures that authentic Chinese ingredients, cooking techniques and flavours flow into the composition of the menus. He is a representative of Jiangsu cuisine from Eastern China, where special attention is paid to delicate textures that melt on the tongue. However, he is also very familiar with many other regional Chinese cuisines, which have only one thing in common: the preparation time for a dish can often last several days, whereas the cooking time is usually very brief.

seven-course menu 119 €
five-course menu 96 €
four-course menu 81 €
three-course menu 68 €
All dishes also available à la carte

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