Our kitchen team reflects the concept of our house, which is based on different culinary traditions working together in unison and respects their individuality.

Dennis Kasprzak represents Nouvelle cuisine of the Franco-German school.

His four Chinese colleagues each represent distinctive regional Chinese cuisines, the only commonality of which is that preparing a dish can take several days, whereas the actual cooking time often is very brief.

Hong Chen specialises in the flavourful, robust cuisine of Sichuan Province in southwestern China, which is famed for its complex use of spices, especially the eponymous Sichuan pepper.

Jiaqi Wang is a master of northern Chinese Shandong cuisine, in which seafood plays an important role. It is particularly light and mild in taste so as not to drown out the original taste of the seafood.

Chong Zhang und Xinhai Fan are representatives of Jiangsu cuisine from China’s East, where the focus is upon tender textures that melt in the mouth.

Chef’s choice
three-course menu 54 €
four-course menu 67 €
five-course menu 82 €
Seven-course menu 105 €
All dishes also available à la carte

Current Menu April 2018